The steem engine "Sten Sture
"Sten Sture" was manufactured in 1873 by Fletcher and Jennings & Co. for the Ulricehamn Wartofta Järnväg (UWJ). It was given the number 1 and the name "Sten Sture", which is the name of an old king. "Sten Sture" also had a sister machine delivered at the same time, which was given the number 2 and the name "Bogesund". Both engines had the 0-6-0 wheel arrangement and had saddle mounted tanks. It weighed in at 14 tons but were still considered to have fairly good tractive effort.

In 1907 both engines were sold to the limestone quarry at Stenåsen. There the "Sten Sture" was substantially rebuilt. The saddle mounted tank was replaced with two side mounted tanks, and the firebox, the tubes and the wheel rims were replaced. In 1930 the locomotives were transferred to the Falköping-Uddagårdens Järnväg (FUJ). There "Sten Sture" acted as stand-in for the sister engine "Bogesund" from 1930 to 1945. It was then used until 1954 when FUJ was nationalised and rebuilt to standard gauge. The company Yxhult/Ytong AB who owned the FUJ prior to nationalisation, decided to preserve "Sten Sture" and transferred it to Yxhult where it was stored indoors from 1959.

In 1982 the "Sten Sture" was moved once again to Skara where it was put on public display in the roundhouse. In 1992 a major overhaul began. Thanks to the storage indoors the locomotive has not rusted away but is in quite good condition. The boiler however needs a lot of attention and the wheel rims are completely worn out, both due to hard use during the last active years. The restoration process grounded to a halt when more urgent project had to be dealt with. But some day the overhaul will be resumed. The biggest problem to overcome in terms of economy will be the cost to replace the wheel rims. A set of six wheel rims has to be manufactured. Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated.

The only major change this locomotive has undergone during its life is the removal of the saddle mounted tank. Thus the boiler is still non-superheated and it retains some very old-fashioned injectors.